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More opportunities for success! Education pays off with higher earnings and lower unemployment rates. Whether you are considering graduate, business or law school or still deciding what to do, take the one test accepted by thousands of schools worldwide.

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The Turing test, developed by Alan Turing in , is a test of a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. Turing proposed that a human evaluator would judge natural language conversations between a human and a machine designed to generate human-like responses. The evaluator would be aware that one of the two partners in.

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Each time this page is loaded it should automatically clear out any previously opened pop-up windows. If, for some reason it does not, close any pop-up windows that may have been previously generated by the SAGE test, especially if reloading/retaking the OUTDOORCEILINGFANSITE.INFO you leave this page the script has no way of knowing if there are windows created by previous sessions.

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